Leo Laporte - Born LOSER!

Leo Laporte - Born LOSER!

He's a lazy college drop-out who, even then, was already getting into trouble for publicly exposing himself in front of women.

After quitting college, He worked at McDonalds counting patties, and he couldn't even do that right.

His crappy radio show has been deserted by all sponsors and continues to consist of three hours of this tech fraud just Googling answers to caller questions.

He is a disgraced, perverted, womanizing sexual predator who accidentally exposed his own dick pics live on air.

He puts photos of female genitalia as background images on his smart watch and accidentally exposed that live on air too.

A danger to women everywhere, he has been accused of sexual harassment by countless female employees.

He has conned hundreds of companies and fleeced them out of their advertising budgets.

He has been FIRED from EVERY job he's every had, including working at Tech.TV.

He is a shameless, compulsive liar.

He is an insufferable, self-centered, narcissistic braggart.

He is a morbidly obese comfort eater and diabetic glutton.

He cheated on his wife and kids and broke up the family home of twenty years after getting caught boning his book-keeper.

The judge ordered him to hand over half of TWiT LLC to his former wife due to his infidelity.

Father of a mentally unstable daughter and an indolent, unemployable son, both of whom are just as lazy as he is.

His kids are thirty years old, both hopelessly unemployable, and both are completely dependent upon regular financial handouts from their hapless father. Join Club TWiT today!